Harmonix Big-Band Tuning Tape
Harmonix “Big-Band” tuning tapes, likewise, other Harmonix tuning devices such as RF-5700, improve the signal transmission when applied to analog and digital signal cables, headphone cables and speaker cables, and improves conductance when applied to power cords.
In case, the sound quality of Car audio systems matter seriously, “Big-Band” tuning tapes will do the same improvement of car audio systems as well.
The improvement is quite big and let car drivers comfortably relax and increasing more pleasant in listening car audio systems.
Moreover “Big-Band” can also tune the tone-arm of analog LP players.

Tuned with “Big-Band”, the sound quality will become much more natural with richer details and harmony. “Big-Band”, in many respects, acquires better appreciate the ambient information of a live musical performance and promises serious music listeners to satisfy and increasing the joy of music listening entertainment in any cases.


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