Yes, really true!
The Reimyo DAP-999EX Limited musical performances go (far) beyond all other D/A-converters.
A high-purity digital-to-analog converter unparalleled and unprecedented performance in its class bring you exquisite sound you have never ever experienced before.
Employs Japan Victor’s K2 technology 24bit DAC IC, rigid constructed all aluminum body, custom design parts including transformers and condensers, special made super purity and ultra high-speed signal transmission internal wiring, original design tuning feet addition to our oriented and our rigorous study over the digital behave let you excite and invite you to a new level in music listening!

Already known as the best of CD transport Reimyo CDT-777 and new DAP-999EX “Limited” combo produces fabulous musical reality as if they are live!

Reimyo DAP_999EX Limited

Vorherige Artikel‘Nagomi‘ - völlig im Einklang Nächster ArtikelRF-999M Million, keiner kommt nah dran.